With Love From Swimwear is the culmination of a lifelong passion created by Shiva Mizani and Lauren Willmore. WLF encompasses the two best friends’ shared love for travel and fashion found along the shorelines across the world.

Newport native, Shiva Mizani, sought to provide a label that embodies her own personal style. A line that imbues a sense of timelessness and femininity and has brought forth the influence of her lifestyle and hometown. At the heart of the label is the aspiration to embrace the modern woman’s body and celebrate it for its own beauty.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Lauren Willmore, always dreamed of creating her own swimwear, she found her inspiration after moving to Malibu in 2015. While attending school, she fell in love with the ambiance of her new home, however, felt the beauty surrounding the area lacked a brand that represented the spirited love and charm found along the coastline.

Forever searching for the perfect bikini, they created With Love From Swimwear. WLF focuses on the playful yet effortlessly elegant lifestyle of the modern woman, with a passion to explore the world in style.